samedi 1 mars 2014

Aunt Lucie's legacy: humor, treasure hunt and family inheritance in France

An incredible story of a legacy set in south-west France.

Aunt Lucie is a real pain in the neck. While she wasn’t exactly a saint when alive, now that she’s dead, she’s making life even more miserable for her family. Her will is crystal clear: to collect the inheritance, nephews and their families have to move into her ramshackle house! But Aunt Lucie has another surprise up her sleeve: a mad treasure hunt, ankle-deep in muck. Welcome to rural France!
Things heat up for her darling nephews as they get caught up in this unforgettable adventure. How far will they go to get their hands on the jackpot?
Comical situations, saucy dialog and dramatic turns of events come fast and furious, masterfully orchestrated by dear Aunt Lucie.
Thrilling to the last, unexpected climax!

“Aunt Lucie’s legacy” has won acclaim from France Loisirs, France’s number one book club, was selected a jury favorite at the Livre d’Orthez book fair in 2010, named a “digital gem” in March 2014 by the famous Fnac bookstore, and remained for months in the Top 100 best-sellers in Amazon, Kobo and the Fnac on the French market.

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Humor novel: free copy in exchange for an honest review

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